Do you watch TV commercials?

What if watching a few minutes of TV commercials each day could be your job?

Not only is this possible, but an innovative new company is about to make it a reality.

You really can make money online watching TV!

Here’s how it works:  Not so very long ago we had little choice about whether or not we watched TV commercials.  They just invaded our lives.  They interrupted our favorite TV programs and ran just long enough that if you got up to avoid seeing them you were likely to miss the beginning of the next segment.  The only option you had to avoid them was to turn off the television.

Then along came the ability to block those pesky commercials out.  Now thanks to technology we can watch TV and completely miss the commercials.  Good news for us; not so good for the advertisers.

Advertisers have needed to step up, and they have now learned some basic manners, like ask first and say please.

Did you know advertisers are now willing to pay you cash for viewing ads?  It’s a small price to pay for your promise that you’ll actually sit through the entire ad.

Then along came Varolo and with it the opportunity to really make money online watching TV!  I’m not talking about pennies per ad, even though that is the going rate.  I’m talking thousands of dollars a month!

The only catch is you have to first build your Varolo village.  You know what they say, it takes a village…  Nowhere is that more true than with Varolo.

Join Varolo Now

Start building your Varolo village

When you refer your friends or even people you’ve never met to Varolo, they become a part of your village.  When they watch ads, you earn money.  You claim your earnings by watching your ads.

Your Varolo village will become one of your greatest assets as it can put money in your pocket week after week after week.  Then you’ll really make money online watching TV!

How do I build my Varolo village?

I’m so glad you asked.  Varolo suggest that you start by recruiting your friends and that is certainly fine to do.  But we all know how awkward and limited that can be.

You want to build a very large village.  To accomplish this, you need to turn to Internet marketing.

Don’t know what Internet marketing is?  No problem.  I can teach you.  All you need to get started building your Varolo village is my complete step by step tutorial.

Guided by my tutorial, you will build your own website and you will learn how to generate traffic to your site so lots of people have the opportunity to join your village.

By the time you are finished, you will have all the basic skills necessary to set up a profitable online marketing campaign with any product in any niche you choose.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free.  All you need to do is join my Varolo villageto get started building your village.  Then you can make money online watching TV.

Start building your Varolo village now

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